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January 27th, 2009

you're running back to me

Hello adandoned livejournal. It's been a while.
Things with me are going good since the last update. Busy, but good! I'm keeping busy with school now (instead of work), going on some exciting trips and a concert in the near future, and other than that, just being lazy. I'm going to Florida in february during my reading week and I can't wait! I need a vacation. I'm also going on a road trip to Toronto this thursday for Nick Carter's birthday bash...I can't wait for that! AND the concert I mentioned is Elton John and Billy Joel in May. Perfectness.

May 16th, 2008

(no subject)

This deserves it's own entry...

August 8, 2008 (8/08/08) I'll be seeing the Backstreet Boys
Wooooo :) Can't wait.

March 29th, 2008

(no subject)

So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because your neighbors got it made
Just remember that it's a Grand illusion
And deep inside we're all the same

March 9th, 2008

sha la la

I worked on saturday for inventory and I got the option of going home after 4 hours so I did. This weekend was more relaxing than I thought. We didn't end up going out on saturday night for our theme nights at the loop because of the snow. It snowed a LOT all day yesterday and it was really cold and windy out. Shitty! I hate when the weather ruins plans! So I decied to watch a movie with my parents,but the movie that I wanted to watch on digital cable wasn't working. The rest of them were working fine except that one. So I just read my book a lot and relaxed all night. Today I scrapbooked with Kristen for a few hours and I finished my scrapbook. I like this one...it's my 4th one I did since we started scrapbooking. It's fun. We also watched Dawson's Creek and I forgot how good that show was and how much I used to love it! Oh friday was fun too. Andrea came over and we had a date with Ben & Jerry's ice cream and we started making a list for our vacation and reminisced over old photos of us. That's always fun! So this weekend was pretty good...just wish we could have went out too!! There's always next weekend lol...

January 27th, 2008

(no subject)

I went shopping. Again. It was mostly cause I had gift cards still but I used the mall one up and kept on buying. I bought 3 sweaters (2 for $5 each and 1 for $10), a new shirt which I wore out last night, and a purse for $3. Good buys.

Last night was The 26th. The big night at the Loop. It was soo much fun! Andrea, Kristen, me and Natasha started out the night at my house playing a drinking game that Andrea bought for me like 5 years ago but we never played it before. It got us pretty drunk fast and then we were on our way to the Loop to drink some more and dance the night away. And sooo many people were there, it felt like everyone. I took about 30 pictures! lol

We're one step closer to booking our trip. We know what week we're going at least, and we just have to book it off work tomorrow. Hopefully we'll both get it off, but I don't see it being a prorblem cause it's at the end of april and it's not a peak vacation month. I am excited.

Today I'm scrapbooking with Kristen. I'm excited cause the scrapbook I'm working on is fun pictures of the downtown life when we started going years ago.

January 19th, 2008


So I bought a new laptop. One day sometime last week I thought to myself after seeing a good deal on a laptop in the future shop ad, "I kinda want a laptop". Next thing I know I was on my way to future shop buying my new laptop. I never really liked using them before; I liked using desktops a lot better, but I've gotten used to it and I really like it! Mostly cause it's all mine, not a family computer. Not that I have anything to hide, but I like having my own thing and no one else but me can use it. :)

In 10 days Joel and I are going to Toronto to see Mika in concert, and just to get away for a night :) I booked a nice looking hotel somewhere downtown and hopefully it'll be a nice and relaxing time!! I can't wait! That also means a short week of work cause we booked off tuesday and wednesday. I'm just hoping for no snow cause I don't know how I'll manage driving there and back if it snows a lot.

Yesterday Andrea and I had a game night and played fun board games that our boyfriends don't particularly like playing with us :p We also looked stuff up for our trip. I'm getting excited!

December 3rd, 2007

Good weekend

I worked afternoons this week and kept busy during the week before and after work. I forget what I did now, but I got some stuff done, some christmas shopping, my car cd player fixed, stuff like that. This weekend was good. Friday after work I went out with Kristen. We drank at her house and went to biggs and subway. We danced and everything which was fun cause I haven't danced in a while! I got pretty drunk...and I'm so sad cause we are only working together for a couple more weeks and it's going to suck without her :( It's depressing.
Saturday at noon I went to the restaurant for Nancy's surprise baby shower. That was fun and filling. We were there for 3 hours, we ate soo much food I thought I was going to explode, Nancy loved all her gifts, and we had some good talks and laughs. It was a good time. When I went home I helped my dad put up the christmas lights outside, then I went to Joel's and we just hung out all night. We ordered some pizza in the evening, played a lot of Wii bowling, watched some tv, stuff like that. Today I went to Kristen's at 5 and we scrapbooked for 5 1/2 hours. I actually started and finished a whole srapbook. My first two I worked on for weeks (doing it once a week) or even a couple months. This one was my Florida vacation I took a few weeks ago. I'm proud of it, especially for doing it all in one day. We watched a lot of tv shows too.
It's windy and cold outside :( I'm looking forward to shopping in the states once again this week. I love shopping!

November 25th, 2007

black friday

I started my christmas shopping. On friday ("black friday") Andrea and I (and her mom!) headed to the states to go shopping. Just like every other year, everyone warned us that it's going to be soooo busy, we're gonna be waiting at the border for 2 hours, everything good is going to be sold out, we're gonna get trampled, we're gonna have to pay duty on the way back, our purse is going to be stolen, etc. And every year we come back saying that none of the above happened. There was NO traffic at the border. Actually, it was the emptiest I've ever seen it. We found good stuff. We did not have to pay duty on the way back, or even show our id's at the border. So it was a good shopping trip, and I'm glad to have started my christmas shopping. I'm actually over half done, probably. We have to make another trip there soon so I can finish! Also, we finally found what we were looking for for over a year now. Bass Pro sweatshirts. They were only $10, although I would have bought it if it were even more, and they are really comfortable. I'm so happy we found them.

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was pregnant. Then a couple nights later I had a dream that me and Joel had a baby boy. Is that weird?

I know a few months ago I said I am DONE with buying clothes cause I buy too much. The last time I went to the states before last friday, I bought a lot of clothes. But I can't help it if I find good shorts, capris, and shirts for $3 each or less. They were mostly summer clothes but I wore them to florida and now I have new shorts and capris for next year. And I also bought a couple tube tops at the mall here. But now, I really should stop buying clothes. My room is getting too congested and I had to buy another over-the-door-hook for my other door, just to make some room in my closet for all the new stuff. I have a problem.

November 4th, 2007

(no subject)

Well well well. Here I am again, upadting when I have nothing else to do on a lazy sunday afternoon. I went downtown last night for Kristen's birthday and it was a good time! I came home with Joelers and I'm still here and I'm bored because he's playing halo. I'm excited because I have one more week of work left and then I'm going to florida for a week. It will be nice and relaxing and hopefully we have nice, hot weather! It's november now and it's still not even that cold yet here. I would rather have it be snowing when I go to florida so I can laugh at everyone who's freezing up here! But really, I'm not complaining. I don't really like the cold so I'm glad it's not freezing or snowing here yet.

In other news, I bought the new Backstreet Boys cd the day it came out. It took us a while to find the deluxe additions, but after looking in about 5 stores, we found 2 copies of it. (I needed another one for Natasha but we couldn't find it) The cd is AMAZING. I love it to pieces! I can't wait for them to go on tour; it's gonna be an amazing show! (or two or three shows, depending on where they're going around me!)

I feel so lazy right now. I'm watching Joel's rats wrestling and now they stopped and are watching me. I think they want some cheerios.

September 24th, 2007


I saw Brian Littrell in concert on September 14. He put on such an amazing show and I love his cd so much. This put me on a Backstreet Boys kick and I'm counting down the days until their new cd Unbreakable comes out. October 30 everyone, go and get it!!

I was just about to post a picture but I don't have them uploaded anywhere. We took tons of pics. I also met a longtime online friend and penpal of mine, Angel. We've been talking since I got the internet pretty much and it was a complete surprise that I saw her there! (She sent me a letter saying she was coming, but I didn't check my mail until the next day and it was in there!) So that was awesome and soo nice of her to come all the way here! They drove a lot cause Minnesota is really far from here! The next night they stayed in windsor so of course I showed them the awesome downtown windsor nightlife. :)

My parents are leaving for Florida this week. I booked a week off work for one of the weeks, just for fun. I'm also going with my sister to Florida in november. So it's nice knowing that I have a few weeks off of work coming up!
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